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Exotic Loose Leaf Tea

Gourmet loose leaf teas from around the world.

Winter is the perfect time to celebrate friendships, special moments with that special someone, and family. Nothing brings all of these occasions together like a great pot of freshly brewed holiday tea from Tea Bazaar. We’ve put together a selection of fine loose leaf teas that are sure to bring warmth and lasting memories for all to enjoy. more...

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Chinese Black Tea, Assam, Ceylon...
Black tea is by far the most consumed tea in the Western world. Black tea actually starts out green, but during the production process, the tea oxidizes and turns black releasing the tea's full flavor.

Imported Japanese and Chinese Green Tea
Green Tea has proven to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure (lowering the risk of heart attacks), aid digestion, fight fatigue, preserve younger-looking skin and promote oral health.

Exotic Fruit Tea fusions
Fruit teas are a blend of dried herbs, fruits and natural flavors and have a terrific taste and aroma. They also make a phenomenal iced tea. Hibiscus leaves and Rosehip are used throughout these herb and fruit blends, which give an added benefit of naturally occurring vitamin C. Tisanes are any beverage that is brewed like tea.

Herbal Tea
Our Herbal Teas are brewed the same way as tea with the added benefits of the herbs they contain. Please read the details regarding each of these teas to discover their wonderful properTeas!

Private Stock tea blends
Only our most intriguing and exotic gourmet teas make it to this category. Each of these teas has a unique property, story, or theme that sets them apart from the rest. Please review each of these teas to find out what makes them our speacialTeas.

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gourmet organic tea

Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation. Our Organic loose leaf teas are 100% green certified and just as fresh and flavorful as the rest of our loose leaf teas. more...